What We do?

HR is increasingly focused on transforming and automating service delivery,
as business leaders seek higher service levels while pushing for lower HR costs.
HR shared services remains a key focus area for many HR organizations seeking improvements in their
approach to service delivery and creating employee experience. As companies expand into new markets, the complexity and scope of HR issues increase dramatically. Are you looking for ways to save cost and enhance your employee experience? We understand that every organisation is different, and each HR SS journey is unique. Our experts are here to understand what you need to achieve, by sharing your HR with us. This ensures our design works seamlessly for your organisation. You can count on us to be your strategic partner and as you share your HR with us, we become your HR team.

SYHR HR Shared Services practice provides a comprehensive approach to assist clients through the entire life cycle of shared services, from design through Go live.

  • Define a “fit for purpose” shared services model aligned to organizational priorities and save cost

  • Focus inquiry, transactional, and specialized service delivery for the “Must Be True Moments” based on desired employee experience

  • Design and implement the automation capable of improving employee interactions and driving efficiency and consistency

  • Align shared services to your broader HR operating model and transformation journey

  • Get the “basics” right to allow HR to focus on higher value activities

  • Treat employees as customers

    We aim to shift away from a transaction mentality toward more personal interactions with employees, particularly during key points identified as "moments that matter."

  • Reshape employee interaction points

    We have the aim to review employee interaction points to be more in line with "commercial online" and "social media experiences" - incorporating mobile-enabled forms, chat, text, middleware

  • Shift technology focus from HRSS to Employees

    Our endeavour is to use technology to provides a unified, customer-focused experience for employees

The 4 key elements to our HR shared services are employee experience management, ability to consolidate processes, orientation towards delivering consistent and efficient service, and cost-benefit. Compliance of data security norms such as GDPR and BCP are of paramount importance to our organization. These requirements are embedded in every aspect of the process, right from NDAs, data encryption, Azure server hosting and certifications. Concurrently our expertise and experience over the subject equip us with the capabilities to set up HR shared services as per the requirements of our clients. We continuously learn and refine our model to bring predictability and strength to our delivery.

How we do it.

Our uniqueness is in our focus to start with the end in mind, wherein the end is ensuring that the HR process delivers the expected employee experience. We strictly follow our 6P process of implementation, which is purpose-designed running through the stages of Process Assessment/engineering – Process Storyboard – Project Management – Knowledge Transfer – Pilot Testing – Ongoing Monitoring. We execute our projects in 3 stages: the define stage, which is a prerequisite to any project, followed by detailing and implementation. We believe that employee experience can be delivered when HR processes are robust and are efficiently and consistently performed with SLAs. Our HR Hovercraft system gives us the automation edge we need to manage scale and multi-location/system formats. We also incorporate process engineering skills to first create a robust process that lends itself to outsourcing and then proceed with transition.

What is
the outcome?

Our HR Shared Service Model delivers

  • Engineered HR processes
  • Consistent, efficient & outcome-focused HR delivery
  • (Turnaround Time / Service Level Parameters) driven
  • Employee Experience
  • Employee Value proposition
  • Cost-effectiveness and manpower optimization

Our HR Shared Services can be tailored to meet your needs. Consultancy and process redesign, can form part of a value added package, for those looking to fully outsource their HR to our specialists.

We believe in providing top notch services no matter
what your company needs. Our aim is towards
providing exemplary standards of implementation
and constant reliable team support.

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