We are a Global
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We offer innovative and effective HR solutions. Thoroughly adept in People Practice Consulting and HR Shared Services, our mantra is to build resolutions for our clientele. Our perception is, to achieve performance excellence, sense of belonging, loyalty and growth we need to actively build relevant employee and employer experiences. The people solutions designs, intertwines best practices with custom requirements, this enables us deliver to outcomes. We aspire to be a HR & Business transformation consulting partners to the MSME sector, enabling companies to be self-reliant. Our diyHR concept, empowers MSME organizations across the world to “do it yourself” when it comes to managing people practices.

We firmly believe in delivering better than expected results and sharing our knowledge and expertise through the process. We’re here for you

ShareYourHR is distinctively positioned to help CHRO/CEOs leverage the true value & potential of their diverse workforce. We focus on exceeding customer value, based on our values driven services - HR consulting, HR Shared Service, Global Governance, Immigration and HR/Business Transformation. Commitment & Simplicity is the foundation of our business and why we are respected globally as a leading HR consulting firm.



To be a global HR Consulting firm by 2025, by emphasizing on creating an outstanding employee experience through research & innovation. In the process of doing so, we envision establishing an effortless exchange of services for our clients and partners alike, thereby building trust and respect. We will actively give back to society and make a difference. We envision a tomorrow where technology will enable us to bring heightened relevance in employee experience. We wonder, can HR Hovercraft be a game changer in building Employee Value Proposition.



Our extensive domain of expertise

We firmly believe in delivering better than expected results with the help of our various services and expertise through the process. We have an answer to all your HR queries.

HR Automation

Embracing the digitization surrounding us, we have curated the following softwares that
allows for a seamless HR experience, even remotely. Each of the two following
trademarked softwares offer a consistent, and efficient HR delivery.



Our clientele derive the most, out of our innovative approach and services,
and thus can affirm to the efficiency and effectiveness of our processes and
expertise In all simplicity we present a handful of our customer views from
which we draw strength, to achieve our vision.

Vijay K

When it comes to global labour compliance & payroll, there is no compromise. ShareYourHR team has enabled & advised us at Mphasis, to clearly & simply understand the labour law requirements in each geography and have aided and given us confidence to take the right steps, as we grow globally.

Vijay K


Aditya Agrawala

At Maithan Ceramic we wanted to change our traditional people practices for growth, ShareYourHR is leading our HR transformation journey. I believe their services in advising and managing our HR delivery would help is achieve our business results

Aditya Agrawala

Maithan Ceramic


As a rapidly growing start-up company, we wanted to implement the right HR structure from start that would accommodate future growth and organization development. ShareYourHR helped us develop our HR strategy while aligning it with our business ethics, philosophy, strategy and culture. ShareYourHR is considered one of our few partners whose work has been amazing noteworthy and influential to the business


Adapt Fintech

Madhur Khaitan

At GKD, our vision is to have HR practices that cultivate an environment of a great place to work. We are satisfied at the work ShareYourHR has being doing in putting the building blocks in place and guiding us on the path. Leveraging the potential of our workforce is very essential to our growth.

Madhur Khaitan

GKD India

Our Partners

We extend our culture of mutual respect, admiration and professionalism to our partners who
augment our delivery to our customers. Here are some of the many industry renowned
organisations who have appreciated and commended our collaborations.

Zing HR
Pro Resources
Opportune Technologies